How to make a homemade briquette press

homemade briquette pressA briquette press homemade is simple and cheap. Fuel has lately become more costly and non-environment friendly. Briquettes are machines that are made minimal for compacting press that can be made from minimal material for low-income earners. Anyone interested in making a homemade briquette press can make one. These machines are easy and cheap and are of many designs. Another advantage is that their materials are easily available and they can be made of different materials.

In making homemade briquette press, there are certain things one needs. A large plastic bucket is one material, a drill with ΒΌ-inch drill bit, and a 2-inch think plywood. Here are some instructions on how to make a homemade briquette press. One starts by nailing a 1-foot square board to a 3-foot board, 6-inches from the end. After that, you nail another 3-foot board to the other side of each of the 1-foot square board.

You then stand up the structure to make it look like a ladder that has most rungs missing. You then nail the last 3-foot board to the top of the structure then flip the whole structure. Those are just frame instructions, for the press, there is some screwing and nailing done. After the structure is done and you have a press now, in order to use it pour a mixture of sawdust and water into the PVC pipe. One may also need to sand the circumference of the discs in order to ensure a smooth motion.

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